Indoor / Outdoor Commercial Booth General Rules & Regulations

Indoor 10ft booth - $50.00
Indoor 20ft booth - $75.00
Outdoor Booth - $80.00

1. All booths must be completed and exhibit in place by 2pm on Thursday. Booths must be ready and open at 3pm.

2. Tri-County Free Fair Board and The City of Herington are not liable for the loss or damage to any exhibit.


4. The Fair Board asks that you evaluate the items that you will be providing to the spectators so that the custodial crew does not have excessive extra duties.

5. Exhibitors are encouraged to review the complete fair schedule. Many areas are multi-use and will have Spectators and Exhibitors in the areas booths are displayed.

6. The commercial booths will be open as follows: Thursday, 3pm -9pm , Friday, 11am - 9pm, Saturday, 11am - 8pm.

7. Cleanup and removal of booths will begin at the closing of the building on Saturday and must be completed by 10pm.

8. Anything left in the building after the move-out deadline will become the property of the Tri-County Fair Board. 

9. Backdrops cannot exceed 8 feet in height. Sides cannot exceed the height of the provided booth dividers. (Exceptions can be made by the Fair Board if a prior request is provided).

10. Absolutely NO food or beverages can be sold without the prior consent of the Fair Board.

11. Any exhibitor who will be placing items on display after participating in the Fair Parade is asked to make note of this on the form.

12. A wood 2X4 frame will be provided for indoor booths. Exhibitors are responsible for providing any covering of the frame. Approved means of fastening is tape or staples (which must be removed during booth tear down)

13. Any and all "SPECIAL REQUESTS" must be submitted prior to set up and will be evaluated by the Fair Board for approval or rejection.

14. No gas powered engines are allowed inside the building.

15. No pins, screws, nails, tape, staples or any other type of fasteners are allowed to attach any materials to the interior or exterior walls of any building. No items can be hung from the ceiling or any permanent parts of the structures where exhibits are being placed. Only tape can be used to secure items to the floor.

15. Exhibitors will be held responsible for any damages caused by exhibitors. 

16. A rate of $100 per hour (per person) plus the cost of any required materials will be billed to the Exhibitor.

17. The Tri-County Fair Board reserves the right to reject or cancel any or all booth agreements.

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