Tri-Co. Free Fair King/Queen Contest

Attention Dickinson, Marion & Morris

County 4-Her or FFA members!

*The Tri-Co. Free Fair is once again opening its contest up to both Kings and Queens and in person!

-Prize money to top 3 King and Queen Contestants!

-Belt Buckles to King and Queen 

-Project/SAE scholarships awarded

-Additional honors to be recognized!

We are hoping to get at least one King and Queen Candidate from at least two clubs/chapters in each county; the more the merrier!  We would like to have contestant Entry information forms,  Project/SAE photos, and copy of permanent record/SAE records completed and returned if interested by: June 21st  to your local Extension Office, FFA Advisor, TCFF Website.  Photos and forms turned into Advisors and Extension Agents can be emailed directly to  Online applications will be available by May 1st at under forms. 

All bonafide 4-H or FFA members 9-12 grades (including new grads) may compete.

Note:  There will be no ticket sales or banquet for this year's contest.

Candidates will be required to perform an interview (June 27th  at Herington Fair Bldg) and ride on our parade float (July 9th ) Line up will be at 5:15 pm next to the hospital. Crowning will also be July 9th just prior to Rodeo, be at the stands by 7 pm. The 2021 Tri-Co. Free Fair King and Queen, Attendants, and all other candidates will receive free entry into all events.  Each will also be responsible for awarding ribbons at livestock shows during the Fair; a sign-up will be available at interviews.  Winners will be introduced and announced prior to Rodeo(7 pm) and Demo Derby(7 pm) as well as throughout Fair livestock events. The King and Queen may be asked to help out with public relations in respected counties at some point during their year of reign. 

Judging Criteria:

  • Personal appearance and poise will be considered at all times.

  • Formal/Business attire is required for contestant judging. FFA Official Dress is acceptable.

  • Each candidate will have a personal interview with the judges, which will include questions about his or her involvement with 4-H/FFA.

  • Contestants will be judged on the following:

40%- 4-H/FFA involvement

30% - Leadership (4H/FFA, school, community)

20% - 4H/FFA Knowledge

10% - Appearance and Presentation for both application and applicant