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The Tri-County Free Fair Board would like to say a special "THANK YOU" to the list below. The support they provide is an essential part of the Fair.

The City of Herington
Without the support of the City, this Fair truly would not be possible. Thank you to the Management and to the Staff. The work and assistance that is provided is truly appreciated. Thank you for all the mowing, maintenance, and countless unseen ways (by most) you assist the Fair Board.

Dickinson County Commissioners
The Dickinson County Commissioners continually help us with funding for improving the facilities and therefore the experiences of the Exhibitors and Spectators.

Morris County Commissioners

Morris Counties involvement has continued to grow over the past years.  Their support has helped provide all Exhibitors and Spectators the improvements that are made annually.

Fair Board Member's Families
Last but not least, we want to thank our families who provide support in countless ways. Without the sacrifices they make, the Fair would not be possible. Saying "Thank You" to you is truly not enough.

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